Sunday Morning Worship Services

Blended worship services are held each Sunday morning at 10:30 AM in our church sanctuary.

Bible Study

We have adult Bible study classes that start at 9:00 AM.

Our Music Ministries

Zion’s Brass

Zion’s Strings


Zion’s Recorders

Ministry Council

The Ministry Council consists of the commissions listed below.

 The Council meets regularly to discuss the matters of each commission.

Worship Commission

The Worship Commission consists of a chairperson and those involved with the planning of and participation in the worship services.  Meetings are called at the discretion of the chairperson to discuss all matters of the worship service, such as music content and the order of service.

Property Commission

The Property Commission consists of a chairperson and a minimum of four trustees.  The chairperson is elected by the congregation, and the trustees are approved by the congregation.  The commission is responsible for all matters pertaining to the upkeep of the building and associated property in order to advance the congregation’s vision for ministry.  An annual budget for maintenance and upgrades are submitted to the Finance Commission.  Monthly reports are submitted to the Ministry Council and an annual report is submitted to the congregation.

Discipleship & Evangelism Commission

The Discipleship & Evangelism Commission exists to lead people to faith in Jesus Christ and develop them to Christ-like maturity, for the purpose of service to Christ and His Church.  Its membership includes all who serve in the programming designed to accomplish this mission.



Mission's Commission

The Mission’s Commission consists of Our Pastor and individuals who recognize the need to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others.  We provide emergency financial assistance to people in need in our local community as well as people who attend the church. Our larger focus is providing prayer and financial support to missionaries serving in other countries as well as missionaries serving in the United States. In addition, we provide prayer and financial support to churches in India, Nepal, Japan, Mexico and Liberia. We keep our congregation informed with updates received from our Missionaries. Our officers are a mission chair, secretary and treasurer.  Our Ministry Council allocates money for quarterly support of our missionaries. In addition, we receive direct donations via special offerings, routine envelope giving and have had mission sales of donated household items. Monthly financial reports are available to committee members and a report is given to ministry council as appropriate.  Since funds go through the church budget, the reports are generated from the church secretary’s report.

Congregational Life Commission

The Congregational Life Commission consists of the chairperson and those involved in coordinating various social affairs of the congregation.  Meetings are called at the discretion of the chairperson.  People can be added to the commission as needed to facilitate the needs of the social event.

Finance Commission

The Finance Commission is responsible for all financial matters of the church, which includes counting money, record keeping, writing checks (Treasurer), budget preparation, and monthly budget summary reporting. Members of the Finance Commission are: an elected Chairperson, an elected Treasurer, an elected Assistant treasurer, and a Financial Secretary, and Money counters which are approved by the Ministry Council.