We support both local and global missions because Jesus instructed us in Luke 24:45-48 to do so.  Missionary support is a very important aspect of our ministry.

Then Jesus opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.  And he said, “Yes, it was written long ago that the Messiah would suffer and die and rise from the dead on the third day.  It was also written that this message would be proclaimed in the authority of his name to all the nations, beginning in Jerusalem: ‘There is forgiveness of sins for all who repent.’

  • Gloria Smethers

    Gloria is a Registered Nurse who worked as a Missionary in Africa from 1985 – 2012.  She fulfilled many roles including working in the operating room, maternity department, book keeping for 1 year for the nursing school and hospital, community health, holding clinics for illness and well babies. She also served as one of the clinic nurses at Rift Valley Academy which provides education for children of missionaries and includes children from a large variety of nationalities.  She had attended the school as a child. In 2012 she returned to the U.S. and spent a year visiting supporting churches and refreshing/renewal. She then returned to ministry at the African Inland Mission Retirement Center in Minneola, Florida where she continues to provide care for missionaries who retired from serving in Africa.  She provides transportation to medical appointments, provides nursing care to those in need including medication administration for those who need more medical supervision.

  • Robert and bettina schaeffer

    Robert is a native of St. Clair, Pa. He graduated from Lebanon Valley College and Evangelical School of Theology in Myerstown.  He pastored several churches then in 1995 went to New York City where he became part of LIFE MINISTRY (Living in Freedom Eternally) where he met Bettina who he married in 1998.  Robert serves as a part time counselor with LIFE Ministry, provides teaching to churches regarding same sex issues and he also pastors a church in St. Clair, Pa.

    Bettina was born in Germany and emigrated to New York City in 1994.  She received certification in Pilates instruction in 2010.  She currently teaches classes and individual sessions in New York City.  Her current ministry is evangelism to women she meets through Pilates and other contacts.

  • Ken Sears

    Ken had been an instructor in a Bible School in Zaporozyhe in Ukraine teaching classes, mentoring Bible Students in higher education and sharing in the ministry of his local church from 1995 to 2021 when he came home to Texas for Christmas, an illness then the Ukraine war kept him from returning as scheduled. In March of 2023 he returned to Poland where he continues preaching and teaching in a local church, teaching remotely, mentoring young adults plus a teaching and  preaching ministry in a local church.  He serves refugee Ukrainians, Russians and Polish people as well as students from Zaporozyhe, Ukraine.  He is fluent in Russian and is learning Polish and is a guest speaker at a Bible School in Moldova. 

  • helping hand ministry

    Zion helps local individuals and families who are struggling to meet basic needs. We help people with emergency needs for things like heating bills, car repairs, lodging and electric bills.  We have recently provided a Blessings Box where individuals can find food and personal care items free for the taking according to their need. 

  • Lamar & Janice Stoltzfus

    Rift Valley Academy is 90-acre campus 7,000 feet above sea level overlooking the beautiful Rift Valley in Kenya. The student body is made up of 500 Missionary Kids. Lamar is in charge all maintenance and upkeep of the property which includes the cafeteria, laundry and grounds. He supervises employees who are local people who come to Rift Valley Academy to work.  Janice is chaplain to the women staff. They serve as house parents to several of the students. When they left the U.S. for Kenya their daughter was in 9th grade and their son was in 5th grade.  Their children have both graduated high school and are adults living in the U.S.

  • Chaplain (Lt. col.) Noel Blancaflor

    Noel is an Air Force chaplain residing in Fairfax, VA.  He is happily married to Julie Blancaflor, and they have two daughters and a son.  In his free time, he loves running, competing in several marathons with his wife Julie.

  • Gene & Bethanie Stevenson

    Gene, Bethanie and kiddos: Aria-14, Noah-11, and Lily-10, are transplants from South Central, PA, who are captivated by the canyons and cultures of Northern Arizona. Their mission is twofold; to live alongside and love the indigenous peoples of the desert southwest, and to craft a place of rest and recreation for those in ministry amidst the glory of God’s creation.




Zion supports international missions in Mexico, Japan, Liberia, India and Nepal.  The E.C. Churches in these countries support themselves and are closely related to the E.C. Church in the United States.  Through E.C. Global Ministries, we share in helping them during times of crises or with special projects.  During Covid along with other E.C churches we have provided support for Mexican pastors. At other times together we helped India, Nepal and Liberia with building projects, provided vehicles to church leaders in India and Liberia; and also have helped Japan with a church plant.