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Our Ministries

No matter your stage or season of life, we want you and your family to join us! Your family is always welcome here at Zion ECC.

  • Children

    The heart of children's ministry at our church is to teach kids about who God is and how His word applies to their lives in creative and memorable ways. Our program is based on the PursueGodkids curriculumThrough engaging teaching, supportive environments, and close knit small group classes, we guide kids towards a better understanding of what it means to have a real relationship with God. We want kids to know that the Bible is full of interesting stories that matter in their lives today, that fun and games are definitely allowed at church, that worship can be full of loud music and silly dancing, and that there are adults in the church who truly want to love and lead them closer to Jesus. In other words, we want them to know that where God is, life is a lot more fun!

  • Adults

    We have plenty of engaging events and gatherings designed to build the faith and community of our adults. Our adult church program offers a variety of activities to foster spiritual growth and community building. Picnics provide opportunities for fellowship and outdoor fun, while Bible studies allow attendees to delve deeper into the teachings of the Bible. Our events range from guest speakers to service projects, providing a chance to learn and serve together. Whether you're looking to make new friends or deepen your faith, our adult church program has something for everyone. Young or old, Christian or not, single or married, man or woman—we've got a place for you!

  • music

    Our church has a vibrant music program that is a source of inspiration for the congregation. The program consists of several ensembles, including a choir, Zion's Brass, Zion's Strings, and Zion's Recorders. Led by talented and passionate musicians, each group adds a unique dimension to our worship services. The choir, with its rich harmonies and soaring melodies, leads us in singing hymns and other sacred music. Zion's Brass, with its powerful brass instruments, adds a regal and majestic quality to our worship. The strings group, with its lush and beautiful sound, provides a sense of warmth and comfort. Finally, the recorder ensemble, with its bright and playful sound, brings a sense of joy and enthusiasm to our worship. Together, these ensembles create a truly memorable and uplifting musical experience for all who attend our church.