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August Pastor Message

Simone Biles is considered by many to be the greatest gymnast of all time. At the Tokyo Olympics her performance in qualifying rounds wasn’t up to her usual standard, and then Simone withdrew from the all-around competition, citing “medical issues.” Conversations among sportscasters and other gymnasts describe the intense pressure Simone faces constantly, to perform at her very best all the time.

Our life as Christians can be like that – pressure to perform (or at least to look like we have things under control). Pressure from ourselves, from people around us or voices from the past, even what seems like pressure from God.

In this life there are battles to fight, relationships to work at and sometimes repair, forgiveness to seek and to give, jobs to do, attitudes and habits to change. It can be exhausting. It’s why God calls us to spend time with him simply to be in his presence, to soak up the calm and rest we need. He calls us to Sabbath with others, not just to “go to church” but to worship, to get a fresh glimpse of Jesus and reset our worn-out souls. We can’t do it ourselves, but we can put ourselves in a place to let him do it in us. 

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