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April Pastor Message

When the two disciples of Jesus were sadly trudging toward Emmaus two days after his death, they couldn’t recognize Jesus as the stranger who approached them and “explained from the Scriptures all that the Messiah had to suffer.” Later that day Jesus appeared to a group of his followers and “opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.” These followers of Jesus “knew the Scriptures” – but they didn’t understand what they knew until Jesus opened their minds. 

Jesus still opens the minds of his disciples to understand the Scriptures. He just uses a different method for us – biblical meditation.

Jesus is risen! And his promise is that the Holy Spirit will indwell every disciple of his, to open our minds to the Scriptures. 

Unlike various kinds of Eastern meditation, which seek to empty the mind, biblical meditation seeks to fill our minds with God – to know him more fully, to experience his reality. 

Meditation is not an end in itself, but is designed by God to help us know him betterto bring us his peace, to change our behaviors from the inside out, to help us become more like Jesus. 

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