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February Pastor’s Message

In Greek mythology, an island was inhabited by Sirens, creatures which were half bird, half woman. Their alluring song drew passing sailors to their death on the sharp rocks that ringed the island.

When a traveler named Jason planned to pass the home of the Sirens, Jason took along Orpheus, the supremely gifted musician. They say that when Orpheus played his harp, his music made the rocks dance. When they approached the Sirens, Orpheus played sublime, heavenly music on his harp, and the Sirens began to sing. Orpheus’s music was even more beautiful than the Sirens’ song, however, and Jason and his crew sailed past unscathed.

In our day, one of the “siren” voices that appeals to us is busyness.

When we are still in the presence of God and hear the more beautiful music of Jesus Christ play in our souls, there’s something inside us that lifts and straightens. We are made more whole and less likely to turn to seemingly more noble voices that call us to swim with all our might to keep busy, only to find ourselves one day spiritually impaled on the jagged rocks.

How can we take time to listen to the music of Jesus, instead of automatically reacting to the siren song of busyness? I hope you’ll join me beginning Feb. 20 as we explore practical ways to do the very thing God has commanded for our good.

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