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October Pastor’s Message

The Day Care children sit, wide-eyed, as I tell them the story of Noah and the ark. Some of them may be hearing this story for the first time; but they all understand that bad behavior is punished.

They’re not yet old enough to grasp the reality that “not all bad people are punished, and not all good people are rewarded.”  At least, not in this life.

The great hope of God’s people, that this world is NOT all there is, has been called by some people “pie in the sky by and by.” That hope doesn’t make us passive in the face of evil, but it helps us stay faithful in day-to-day living, even when life is not what we expected or wanted. Our study of Revelation has helped us, not to look for a “guide map to end times,” but to live as faithful followers of Jesus when life is difficult.

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