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March Pastor’s Message

Janice and I always enjoy the Winter Olympics – the thrill of our favorites getting the gold, and the heartbreak of a loss measured in thousandths of a second. This year we’ve even gotten familiar with new events and terms, like “halfpipe” and “big air.” There’s a sadness to know that many of athletes we rooted for in the last Olympics aren’t competing any more, and a joy in seeing newcomers creating new events and setting records. Perhaps the most amazing thing of all – watching how easy it looks when it’s done well. Many things go into making an Olympian, but one thing is always true – they always get up one more time than they fall.

In 2017, many of Zion’s faithful saints went home. Paul would describe them in Olympian terms with this important Biblical phrase – they persevered. They didn’t always make it “look easy” – they often stumbled. But they got up one more time than they fell. May the Lord help us do the same.

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