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January Pastor’s Message

“Make good choices.”

It’s a recent phrase of encouragement often uttered by parents as their kids head out the door at the beginning of the day.

“Make good choices.”

It’s often easier said than done. We don’t always know which choice is better; and even when we do, we can find it hard to make that good choice. Temptation, distraction, anger, pressures from life and from within, fears of the future and fears from the past, all militate against us in our desire to make good choices.

It’s the very reason Paul prayed that the Christians in the city of Colossae would grow to know the Lord better, and out of that relationship learn how to make better choices.

My prayer for all of us in 2018 is that we may be filled with the knowledge of God’s will, and grow to know him better. We won’t always choose perfectly, but we’ll be better at it in January of 2019 than we are today.

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