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September Pastor’s Message

September… where did the summer go?

“The kids are heading back to school.” That sentence conjures a host of images, from back-to-school sales to bus schedules to gearing up for a non-stop fall season.

But the focus of “school” is not all these other images, the focus is “learning.” Not only picking up good information, but growing up, becoming a person who can deal with real life effectively.

When Jesus called the first disciples to follow him, he didn’t call them to memorize lots of information about the Bible; he called them to “be with him,” to see and hear how he dealt with real life, and how they could do the same.

Jesus calls us to this kind of learning. Our most important learning doesn’t take place in a classroom setting (though that’s still needful). The vital lessons take place in our real life situations, especially when we fall down and fail, and then get up and keep going. In that sense, we never stop learning.

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