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July Pastor’s Message

“Freedom isn’t free.”

It’s become a popular slogan to describe the reality that someone must pay the price for the many to enjoy freedom.

In the movie, “Saving Private Ryan,” a small unit was sent to retrieve Private Ryan from his field assignment; his brother had been killed, and Ryan was to return home. In the process of finding and retrieving the private, each member of the rescuing unit was killed. As the unit leader lay dying, his last words to Ryan were, “Earn this.” The closing scene shows an older Ryan standing at the unit leader’s grave, hoping that the life he’s lived has earned the price of all those lives.

It’s humbling to be died for; we try to remember those who have made that ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Freedom isn’t free. There’s always a price to be paid.

It almost sounds like what Jesus did for us, dying so we could be free from the penalty and power of sin. But there are these important differences –

  • he is alive, and by his Spirit he lives in those who trust him.
  • we can’t earn the life he died to give us; the life we live flows from his presence in us.

In the month of July, we’ll explore what “living in freedom” means for the Christian.

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