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February Pastor’s Message

With Valentine’s Day approaching, special relationships take center stage. The last-minute gift that’s hurriedly bought and carelessly given means little, and may reflect a hurried, careless heart which is doing the giving. The gift that’s given with thought and care put into it, and given from a heart of gratitude and love, means the world, no matter how little it may cost.

In Psalm 50, the Lord had to remind his people that the sacrifices they were required to bring him were not to “feed” him (that’s what pagan worshippers often thought they did for their gods). What he looked for most was the “voluntary” offerings, the things they brought him out of gratitude and love.

In this “month of love,” think about your relationship with the Lord. Is it a hurried, careless relationship, or is it reflected in grateful giving and obedient service?

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