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January Pastor’s Message

Zion Church 2016 – A Family Trip

Oh, the joys of a family trip – the planning and packing, the anticipation, the fun (and fighting) on the way, the tiredness and moments of wondering “why did we ever think a family trip was a good idea?” But in the end, it’s the memories and building relationships that make it worthwhile.

The Zion family is taking a “trip” through the uncharted territory of 2016. The great Good News of the Gospel is that God the Son, God-With-Us, will accompany us through this year. And He has given us each other, for leaders and companions on the way.

May our trip through 2016 find us being a safe place for people to come to know Jesus and grow in him, to encourage each other and hold each other accountable, to discover new ways to serve Jesus and each other and continue faithful in what He’s called us to do and to be.

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