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May Pastor’s Message

Reflecting on home:

Someone once said, “Home is the place where, when you go there, they have to take you in.”

In Psalm 137, the Jews exiled to Babylon found it impossible to sing the songs they remembered from back home when they were far from home. The Lord used this terrible time to remind them that he was with them wherever they were, and that one day he would bring them home again.

Home is the place, the people, who accept me, try to understand me, love me even when they don’t understand. Too many of us have never experienced “home.” Words like “abusive,” “conflicting,” mistrustful” describe home for many of us.

Every home, no matter how good or bad, has this in common: it points to a longing in our souls. Paraphrasing C.S. Lewis: “If we find in ourselves a longing that nothing in this world satisfies, it is probably because we were intended for another world.” The best homes are a foretaste; the worst homes remind us that we were designed for something better.

The church is also a home, a foretaste of the kind of home the Lord designed us to experience. Through good and bad, joy and grief, Jesus has called us to this home, this “colony of heaven” to prepare us for our heavenly home, and to show the world what Jesus has in mind for all who trust him. Let’s be “home” for each other and for those who will join us one day.

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