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June Pastor’s Message

This month we honor graduates, who will face new challenges. We also honor fathers, who continue to face the challenge of being a godly man and a good father.

At National Conference, delegates will challenged to remind their congregations “why we’re here.” From our Bishop’s welcome to National Conference:

“It’s no accident that ‘unity’ is found in COMMUNITY. As believers we are united in mutual love, humility, grace and service. That’s not always easy but it is the life to which God calls us so that as a ‘chosen people’ we can ‘show others the goodness of God’ lived out in real life.”

We don’t gather on a Sunday morning just to escape “the world” and enjoy each other’s company. We come together into the presence of the Lord very intentionally, to practice living a kingdom life together, so we can live that kind of life in our everyday world.

As a congregation, we’ll hear much about Conference and important proposed changes in the EC Church during the Lay Delegate’s report.

These things are reminders of what Jesus called us to – not simply to “be comfortable” on Sunday morning, but to live as “chosen people, a holy priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God,” so that people in our daily lives will experience God’s love and grace toward them.

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