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February Message

Seeing babies has often prompted me to think, “I wonder what this one will become?” That really small baby who cries a lot – will she become a whiner or a fighter? That ten-pound boy with the coal black hair who isn’t much trouble – will he become the most feared linebacker in the NFL, or maybe the lab tech who can draw blood gently when nobody else can?

When the prophet Jeremiah was a kid (yes, prophets were kids at one time), he lived in a culture where you usually did what your father did. His dad was a priest; he may have expected to become a priest when he grew up. But at some point (probably in his twenties) the Lord spoke to him – “Jeremiah, I have something else in mind for you.” Becoming a prophet wasn’t just about a change in career track – it was about becoming the person God had in mind, someone whose daily walk with the Lord shaped his character.

As we’re exploring Jeremiah’s life in upcoming weeks, we’ll be told by our world, “You can be anything you want.” It’s part of the American Dream. Father God has placed in each of us certain inclinations, abilities, desires that lean us toward certain roles in life. I’m coming to realize that his concern isn’t primarily the “job” or “career” we take up, but the kind of people we become. Are we more like Jesus this year than last year?

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