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September Message

A recent commercial for a newly-released technology pictures a conversation as it would appear on a smart phone; but you soon realize that these people are actually in the same room, talking to each other. The closing thought is that “some things are best said face-to-face.”

We do need to hear each others’ stories; yet the “constant but shallow” contact of modern technology can rob us of a vital opportunity for growth – listening to “what that story means to the person who tells it.”

In August of 2013, a news outlet reported on biologists’ efforts to preserve whooping cranes from extinction. Young cranes are trained to follow a motorized hang-glider in making the 1,000-mile migration from Michigan to Florida, and in time will make the migration on their own in groups. Biologists observed that some crane groups would fly as much as 50 miles off the most direct route. The difference between the wandering groups and the direct-flying groups was that an older crane led the direct-flying groups.

Listening to “old people” tell their stories, especially their encounter-with-the-Lord stories, will help us navigate, avoid pitfalls, become what the Lord Jesus had in mind for us.

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