• Jun2019

    July Pastor’s Message

    June 30, 2019

    Over the summer we’ll look at “life experiences” of some of God’s people. Two things their lives demonstrate: Life can be (and often will be) painful, harsh, and unfair. God is faithful to His people, whatever life brings. The most important thing is not “whether bad things happen” (they will)

  • May2019

    This month we will celebrate a baptism, graduations, and Father’s Day, each one representing a season in life. The Lord Jesus wants to infuse us with his wisdom appropriate to each of life’s seasons. This prayer, written by an anonymous nun in the 17th century, is a helpful reminder for any

  • Miracles – mothers – misplaced treasure – memories – all gifts of God, which He has given us to point us to Himself. All designed to help us know Him better. In a time when “personal opinion” seems more important than “truth”, is it possible to say “I know God”

  • Mar2019

    April Pastor’s Message

    March 31, 2019

    On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross, The emblem of suffering and shame… The scars on Jesus’ hands and side and feet will forever remind us of what he suffered for us on the cross. But there is no physical reminder of a different kind of suffering

  • Feb2019

    March Pastor’s Message

    February 24, 2019

    Is God “on our side”? If we mean, “God watches over those who trust him, to bless them, to bring good from everything in their lives” then we can say “God is for us; he is on our side.” But in the sense that “God is our secret weapon to

  • Jan2019

    February Pastor’s Message

    January 29, 2019

    In Greek mythology, an island was inhabited by Sirens, creatures which were half bird, half woman. Their alluring song drew passing sailors to their death on the sharp rocks that ringed the island. When a traveler named Jason planned to pass the home of the Sirens, Jason took along Orpheus,

  • Dec2018

    January Pastor’s Message

    December 31, 2018

    A kindergarten teacher was watching her students draw pictures of people they knew. When she stopped by Jane’s desk, the girl was working hard. “Who are you drawing?” the teacher asked. “It’s a picture of God,” Jane said. The teacher said, “But nobody knows what God looks like.” Jane replied,

  • December Pastor’s Message

    December 1, 2018

    I wonder how many of those 12,000 GM workers expected to lose their jobs a month before Christmas. “After all,” we think, “it is supposed to be a season of goodwill, joy and peace.” But even in this “most wonderful time of the year” unexpected and painful things happen. In

  • Oct2018

    October Pastor’s Message

    October 3, 2018

    The Day Care children sit, wide-eyed, as I tell them the story of Noah and the ark. Some of them may be hearing this story for the first time; but they all understand that bad behavior is punished. They’re not yet old enough to grasp the reality that “not all bad

  • Aug2018

    “Life should not be this difficult.” Have you ever thought that? It’s what the Danites thought. (Who were the Danites? Read on.) When the people of Israel entered the Promised Land, they were assigned areas in the land which would be their territory, once they ousted the pagan residents. The