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September Pastor’s Message

“Life should not be this difficult.” Have you ever thought that? It’s what the Danites thought. (Who were the Danites? Read on.)

When the people of Israel entered the Promised Land, they were assigned areas in the land which would be their territory, once they ousted the pagan residents. The tribe of Dan (the Danites) was assigned an area in the hill country (around the middle of the Promised Land). But the sinful pagans refused to leave, and the Danites thought, “There’s got to be an easier way to get land.” So, after scouting territory to the north, they found a peaceful city called Laish, killed all the inhabitants and took it over, renaming it “Dan.” They set up an idol they had taken from a man named Micah, and set up their own priest to “do all the religious things” for them. A few generations later, when there was a king in the land, that king set up a golden calf in Dan; the entire northern part of the nation abandoned the Lord to worship that calf. Eventually God judged the northern kingdom for their idolatry.

All of this generational sin, because the Danites decided, “Life should not be this difficult.”

The Lord hasn’t promised that the Christian life would be easy, comfortable, stress-free. As one prominent Christian has said, “Do not pray for easier burdens; pray to be stronger people.” He does promise his strength, and the presence of his people, for our difficult times. Future generations will learn how to deal with their difficult times, as they see us dealing with ours.

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