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July Pastor’s Message

In a recent letter to the EC Church, Bishop Bruce Hill made this statement:

The church is called to be salt and light, to not only share the Good News about Jesus but to be Good News in a world that has very little…

The Evangelical Immigration Table is a broad coalition of evangelical organizations and leaders, including the National Association of Evangelicals of which the Evangelical Congregational Church is a member, advocating for immigration reform consistent with biblical values (emphasis mine).

We will not all agree on what “consistent with biblical values” should look like; that’s what makes a representative democracy so difficult, and yet so important.

But this is certain – when Jesus called us to “love our neighbors,” he wasn’t describing theoretical people, he was describing the actual human beings that come into our lives, however different from us they may be, however difficult they may be to love.

And we need his grace to love the different and difficult people in our lives. Let’s pray for that grace daily.

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