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July Pastor’s Message

Our nation’s original 13 colonies felt the need to explain to a watching world why they decided to declare their independence from Great Britain – the king was not acting like the lawful monarch of a free people, but like a tyrant. Because of their commitment to liberty, we can live as free people.

Long before our nation’s time, the prophet Daniel served a tyrant in ways that honored the Lord and won the respect of that very tyrant. We will explore how he did that, with an eye to helping us learn how to faithfully deal with another would-be tyrant – a culture which is increasingly losing its way, and expecting us to follow.

As we explore Daniel’s life and service, let’s always remember that, more than the tyrant of Great Britain, or the would-be tyrant of popular culture, the great Tyrant who must be dealt with is me – the self that consistently wants to do things “my way” instead of God’s way, the self that must be surrendered to the true King whose way, the way of the cross, brings real freedom.

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