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August Pastor Message

Dr. Johnson had invited the Garrett family (all seven of them) to use his summer cabin for the month of July. They had free rein to everything in the cabin – he only asked that they clear the brush around the property, and other small jobs. The family started the month with lots of zeal, working and enjoying the generosity of the doctor. But as the month wore on, they began enjoying the cabin more than tending it. When Dr. Johnson arrived at the cabin on August third, it looked as if none of the assigned jobs had been done. There was a note on the kitchen table – “Dr. Johnson, thank you so much for a delightful month. Sorry we didn’t get everything done, but you know how it is when you’re having such a good time. Sincerely, the Garretts.”

Life as a Christian isn’t a “summer cabin vacation” – there are struggles, disappointments and pain. Yet our relationship with the Lord Jesus, and relationships in the church, can make us comfortable with what we’re doing. So comfortable, in fact, that we lose sight of why we’re here – to live as citizens of God’s kingdom, to make disciples of those who come to faith in Jesus, to serve each other in love. We can become more like the Garrett family than we like to admit, when we make church about “what I like” more than “what Jesus wants.”

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